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I have been a saxophone player and musicologist before I came to composition, and this background might reflect my way of thinking music as a whole. The will of understanding, then writing music first came from this experience of performing contemporary pieces for my own instrument.

At the core of my concern as a composer is the concept of quest for style, far before any wish of being particularly innovative or “modern” but as a real immanence of the musical composition itself. This does not prevent any speculative dimension in my works, of course, which I think is one of the keystone, on the contrary, of what should be a “contemporary” composer. More generally, I  consider the concept of quest (or research in a broad sense) – be it a spiritual, an aesthetic or intellectual quest – as a primary dimension of a living composer. 

My academic degrees in musicology led me to have a particular relation to History (either music history or general history) and the taste of using it as possibles sources of inspiration. This link led me in turn to think about musical narrativity and its consequences on musical forms. For similar reasons, I have been been interested in semiotics and the rhetorical dimension of music. In that respect, I made gradually myself a conviction Ferrucio Busoni’s statement about musical feeling and its division into three component elements which are taste, style and economy.

Important for me is also the correspondence between an artistic project and the final artistic work, as well as the level of awareness the artist can have (or must have) of it. As much as possible, I aim at reducing the potential discrepancy between the compositional idea, the artistic object itself and its eventual perception by the listener. This is also why titles are very important to me. They often have a poetic content, and their genesis have often an autobiographical dimension. If I had to encompass those few ideas into three basic concerns, I would mention :

- Form (‘content-based’ forms, “processual developing variations”),

- Dramaturgy {musical dramaturgy} and the “narrative” dimension of music,

- Beauty and… the wish of convincing the listener of a possible other world through my music.

Scores protected. To download a score in pdf format, please see Babel Scores (online publisher) or the Delatour-France publishing group.