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Next-coming performance

  1. -Utinam, for flute, harp, percussion, cello and voice (scheduled for performance in Autumn 2018)


Current Projects


Available recordings (excerpts here) :


Waiting to be premiered... 

  1. -Lampedusa, duet for flute and harp (2015-2017), op. 33b (9’) 

  2. -Timing, for saxophone, piano, percussion, double bass (2016-2017), op. 35 (37’)

  3. -Inconstances, duet for oboe and harpsichord, op. 16 (edited).

  4. -Wacharme!, miniature for concert band, written for the French Republican Guard Wind Orchestra.

  5. -Ob..., trio for piano, violin and cello, op. 26b.